Filling the gap.

Griesemer Technologies was started with a goal of filling a gap in the Information Technology and Communications industries.

IT and Communications are continually growing industries which play ever increasingly important roles for companies around the world. Small to medium business rely on IT systems that can help them operate efficiently, while large corporations are relying on IT systems to manage their large scale requirements.


Unfortunately, there is a gap between business management and IT. This gap is typically caused by a lack of communication and understanding between company leaders and their IT counterparts. The end result is poorly implemented or inadequate IT and Communication systems. 


We are here to fill the gap by providing consultations for both business activities and IT activities, helping you develop a master plan that increases efficiency and productivity.

In addition to filling this gap, we provide a wide array of IT and Communications services for our customers, ranging from data analysis to long range wireless LAN in remote locations. We are constantly expanding our range of services, so contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals!

Small Business, Big Results

As a certified small business in Santa Maria, CA, we are able to provide the customer service you'd expect from a local small business, and the support you would expect from a major corporation. With 24/7 phone coverage and service response, to employees who are truly passionate about their work and their customers, Griesemer Technologies is truly the best of both worlds.​ Our customers are time and time again 100% satisfied with our performance.